Nuwat is passionate about providing positive educational experiences for all members of society from children, teenagers and adults. We embrace the concept of experiential learning to immerse students in practical experiences fostering a deeper connection to the natural world. We do this through our field expeditions, hands on workshops and webinars to enable those that can’t join us on site to benefit.

We aim to foster an interactive and dynamic learning environment to enable all life-long students to actively engage with the educational material, apply various theoretical knowledge to real-world situations through on-ground experiences that will enable them to develop essential skills that will serve them and the world beyond the learning capsule.

Mangrove Ecology

Join us this May 2024, on a half-day trip to explore the mangroves of Bahrain! We will be snorkeling amongst these incredible wise trees that are able to live in the sea yet are connected to land building a unique ecosystem that protect our coasts from erosion and help mitigate climate change. Join us to learn about how mangrove ecosystems:


  • Provide us humans with a better life
  • Contribute to our national food security
  • Help us combat climate change
  • Protect us from sea level rise and more!

Environmental Career Coaching

This workshop will provide you with the following:

  • Path identification | Gain insights regarding the career pathways available in the environmental field.
  • Course selection | Learn how to select the most suitable course, your foundation to entering the field.
  • Your debut | Gain tips on how to prepare yourself to enter the environmental field in Bahrain.


Becoming a Marine Biologist

Meet Reem as she shares her journey on how she became a marine biologist and the journey so far!

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