Nature has persisted across time and space, transforming and evolving  as it adjusts to environmental changes which has previously led to multiple mass extinctions. Our human species needs nature to survive and not the other way around, as we are part of it, not separate from it. Therefore, to ensure our survival, we need to be the change that we wish to see through putting meaningful and positive action into motion, and to us at Nuwat, we do this through our on-ground conservation projects.


Tadween is a platform for recording observations of plants and animals to produce long term data that will help scientists in building a regional biodiversity database, and to track seasonal changes of the Arabian Peninsula’s Wildlife. We will use photos and videos uploaded by participants “citizen scientists” of organisms that they encountered. We will then identify and record the observations to help document species diversity, distribution, and seasonality of regional wildlife. The collected data will automatically flow into the build up of a visual regional biodiversity database that will be accessible to everyone.


e.g. shrubs, grass, algae, seagrass


e.g. falcon, eagles, egret


e.g. cetaceans, rodent, deers


e.g. lizards, turtles, snakes


e.g. mushroom, yeast, mold


e.g. sharks, rays, boneyfish


e.g. frogs, toads, salamanders


e.g. insects, scorpions, starfish, gastropods

Conservation Ingredients

Conservation is a life long active process that requires the following ingredients:

  • Community
  • Partnership
  • Funding
  • Science
  • Innovation

We will be announcing our citizen science & conservation projects soon.

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