Dr. Dareen Al Mojil

Evolutionary Biologist & Marine Conservationist

Dareen is a post-doctoral associate at New York University – Abu Dhabi. She is currently working with the Evolutionary Genomics laboratory at NYU. Her research is focused on the population genomics of the allopolyploid Xenopus laevis and its mysterious adaptation to challenging conditions in South Africa and its invasive range in France. She is specifically interested in understanding if and how polyploidy enhances diversity, adaptation, and resilience in wild populations.

She obtained her master’s from James Cook University in Australia, followed by a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK where she investigated the population genetic structure and reproductive behavior of sharks to serve their conservation. During her PhD, she published her first book, titled: “Sharks and Rays of the Arabian/Persian Gulf”, and took part in a documentary called “Arabia’s Sharks: A journey of discovery”.

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